What Should I Eat?

I am often asked, "So, what should I eat?"  So, I felt it was time to start writing a blog.  When I talk about diet I find myself saying, "2 of these, 4 oz of that" and after my breakfast menu it feels like you just went through an hour long college algebra class.  This is probably not the best feeling after looking for some yummy treats. 

Below you will find a sample day.  This is a very clean, delicious meal plan.  If you find yourself hungry feel free to add more vegetables!  Don't worry about jumping in to this lifestyle change thinking that you have to eat kale and other dark leafy greens to get results.  Start with adding your favorite healthy food to kick-start the success you are looking for.

6 oz of Chicken with Salad (Lunch)

Wake Up

16oz Water with Squeezed Lemon

Pre Workout

3 Eggs

2 Slices of Bacon

1 Orange

Post Workout

Handful of Almonds

1 Banana



6 oz Chicken

(minimal dressing)


Handful of Carrots

1 Apple


4 oz Chicken

1/2 cup black beans

Evening Snack (Only if hungry)

2 Tb Nut Butter


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