Motion Sicknessless

I knew starting my internship would be difficult (I started in January). With not having a car and the internship being downtown, I knew the only way of getting down there would be the metro. This is fine, all is well, 90 minutes there, 90 minutes back, boom! 

When aboard I cracked open a book to getting some reading in. This is what spoiled everything.

Not five minutes in I started feeling sick. I thought to myself, "Oh yeah, I have a problem with motion sickness." 

Reading seemed impossible. I started reading three minutes at a time while on the train. Taking a break, I would look outside through the window, then back down to reading. That didn't really do much. I would arrive at my internship ready to puke (Side note: I never actually puked). 

I started adding a minute or two here and there to raise my “motion sickness threshold.” After six weeks of this, today, I was able to read the entire time without looking out through the window and without feeling sick. I guess the expanded version of Sleep Smarter was just that good. 

Of course I'm sure there's some medicine out there to help with motion sickness but why not try to help yourself first. It truly did suck feeling as though I was about to puke Monday through Wednesday of every week but this relentless approach made it possible to enjoy something I like to do, read.

Hard work pays off.

Shane JenneComment