My Phone Died and It Was Okay

After a long day in class and work my phone died and I walked home from the fitness center.  I wasn't upset.

Usually I would be anxious.  A lot of time is spent on responding to emails and staying engaged with friends.  I hate feeling like I am missing out on something but I didn't feel that way on the walk home.

I felt free.  

My feet hurt from the workout earlier in the day.  My backpack was heavy and bulky, holding my books, laptop and meal prep containers.  I had a hoodie on which was perfect for the morning but too hot for the evening (that Midwest weather though).  Yet I was still incredibly happy.

Nose in the air, pep in my step, I was ready to demolish this mile walk.  But then I noticed something...

I almost involuntarily went to check my phone a few times.  I stopped before reminding myself that it was dead.

Because of this, I'm going to start going at least one hour of the day without my laptop or phone.  I'm going to make this hour "meaningful".  Meaning that it will be an hour I typically use my phone.  Using my screen curfew (90 minutes of no electronics before bed) would be cheating in my eyes.

I challenge you do to the same.  You may be anxious at first but then it will be freeing.  It's silly if you think about it.  You scroll down your newsfeed and exit the app.  Five minutes later, you do the same thing, see ten new stories, then repeat this boring, yet engaging, habit.

Free yourself from your device and engage in a in-person conversation.  It'll be fun!

Shane JenneComment