Beware the Blue Hue

Think about it -- nothing you are doing on your phone has to be done at 9 o'clock at night.  Allow yourself a 90-minute screen curfew (this is, being away from a tv, laptop, tablet and cellphone) to push this "urgent" stuff to the next day and allow yourself to earn these four benefits.

1. Improved sleep quality

Improved sleep quality helps fight against aging skin, weight gain, lack of memory recall and slower response time.  

Light from artificial sources like phones and televisions emit in a focused blue hue.  This blue glow closely resembles the spectrum of light that triggers our body's response to sunlight. Your eyes and skin see this blue light and inhibits your ability to produce Melatonin.  Melatonin is known as the get-good-sleep hormone.

Myth Busting: Melatonin doesn't help you get to sleep.  It helps you get into deep, reparative stages of sleep once you have already fell asleep.

2.  Opportunity to Relax

Gut smashing (shown in the photo above) is a great technique to get into this "rest and digest" mode.  The cheap little rubber playground “princess” ball you can get at Walmart for $2 is the best tool for this.  Lay on the ball with it on your midsection.  Allow yourself to relax as much as possible and take some deep breaths.  The ball will start to sink into your stomach as your abdominal wall begins to relax. Continue to roll around throughout your entire midsection, scanning for areas of discomfort.  You should spend 5 or 10 minutes doing this before bed.

3. Stronger relationships

Being away from your phone and tv a night will give you a chance to communicate with a friend or partner.  You can share the day's activities and thoughts.  Think about actually having a face to face conversation.  So old fashion, right?

4. Prioritized schedule

When you have a 90 minute screen curfew, you create time to do the things you otherwise wouldn't.  You aim to finish your work that needs a laptop or phone early.  When you do this, you can now read the book you haven't found time for, prep your meals for the following day, shower/bathe, clean your living area, etc.  The list goes on.

Shane JenneComment