Workday: 9-5 or 5-9?

I apologize for my recent absence.  I needed to take a little hiatus from blogging.  Papers and finals were coming up and I needed to put first things first.  I’m not going to write on how busy I was but rather what I learned from this prolonged experience.

Typical Daily Schedule

4:30a - Wake up, start the coffee maker and down a glass of water
4:45a - Freshly showered and starting breakfast
5:30a - Start walking to the fitness center
6:00a - First of three sessions in the morning
9:20a - Catch the metro to go to my internship
10:00a - Eat an apple and mix nuts
2:00p - Having sipped on amino acids while at my internship I’m ready to leave
3:30p - Back to school for a class
4:50p - Fresh out of class rushing to another training session
8:00p - My scheduled activities are finished for the day, time for a light workout
9:30p - I lower the temperature to 66 degrees, it’s time to relax for a little
10:00p - Time for bed

With this schedule, I made two friends -- coffee and healthy fats.

I needed a little “pick me up” pretty much all through the day.  The energy amino acid drink was awesome but wouldn’t quite help me out like I needed them to.  I fell in love with coffee.  In the morning, afternoon and sometimes in the evening, coffee was my go-to when I needed to stay alert. 

When you are going, going, and going all day long, healthy fats are a great way to sustain energy.  Eating eggs and avocado in the morning fueled me and kept me full for awhile.  I would snack on nuts and nut butters all day and add olive oil to pretty much everything I could.  When you are doing low intensity activity through the day like sitting in class or at work, fats are the proper fuel for you.  Also, eat fats don’t make you fat.  I lost roughly 10 pounds during this period and made substantial strength gains as well.

I found myself overbooked and stressed out more often than not.  There’s a funny thing about stress… it’s adaptable.  What I mean by this is that what was stressful one day, may not be the next day.  You adapt to stress and you can be stressed without consciously knowing it.

I had to prioritize my schedule.  I had to balance out important, professional development activities with deregulating, stress relieving activities.  I found that there is a reason the average work day is 9-5 and not 5-9.

While approaching graduation, I had to put several things on hold, this blog being one of them.  Graduation is right around the corner and I am very eager to start sharing more information on fitness, nutrition and sleep with you.  The best is yet to come.  

See you around!

- Shane

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