Sit Up Straight!



I'm sure you've heard this from a relative or a teacher when growing up.

"Sit up straight!"

They were probably wanting you to show confidence and alertness but I'm talking about it for a different reason.

When we are cued to "sit up straight" we often go too far and overextend.

Overextension leads to low back pain and tight muscles.

If you have ever stood up after sitting for a period of time and experienced a stiffness in front of your hip, you were probably sitting while overextended.

To counter this problem, we have to have a system in place to help us organize our spinal mechanics. I realize this isn't a sexy fitness topic but your body will thank you later.

Sit at the edge of your chair, keep your torso and pelvis inline and lean slightly forward if you want.

Stay moving will seated by raising your leg and placing your ankle on your “down” knee, slightly push down the “up” knee to stretch your hip. Switch legs and repeat overtime.