Lifting Belt: To Wear or Not To Wear

After posting a video of a new deadlift PR, I was asked:

"Would using a belt at this weight help in reducing possible injury or are you trying to do it without a belt for a reason?"

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My reply:

Belts are used to create intramuscular tension in the trunk. In other words, my thought process is to strengthen the muscles of the trunk and learn how to brace the core versus tying a belt around my midsection. 

So the answer to your question, learning the bracing sequence and strengthening the core will reduce the risk of injuries associated with lifting heavy things from the floor.

It was common in the workplace in the not so recent past to provide workers with lifting belts. This actually backfired and increased the rate of injury. Why? Because by wearing a belt all day, the muscles of the core actually weakened because it no longer had to stabilze the body.