Going to bed at 10am, I woke up with 6.5 hours of sleep.  Today was a drag.  I was pretty well tired all day but I had my mind set on this 10a workout. 

Pre-Workout Nutrition

I woke up and simply grabbed a protein bar (ProMaxx Cookie Dough) and a banana.  I had the protein bar 3 hours before my workout and the banana 45 minutes before my workout.


To get my Clean and Press weight up, I focused on the Strict Press today.  The idea for this is if I can lift the weight with strict form (without the power bump) then I shouldn't have a problem with the bump from the clean and press.  I managed to hit 100lb for 3 after super setting 4 sets of Assisted Pull Ups.  My Pull Up game is weak sauce.

Weight on Standing Cable Press and Cable Row is per side

Weight on Standing Cable Press and Cable Row is per side

Recovery and Fuel

As if one workout wasn't enough, I went for another later in the day.  Eating 1 cup of chili and having an all powerful "growth-nap" for recovery after my workout, I fueled this second lift with a peanut butter/trail mix blend (delicious recipe to come) and a granola bar. 

FYI, I don't really like the growth nap concept but I was very tired.

During the second lift, I sipped on Xtend BCAA to prevent the breakdown of muscle and to aid in protein synthesis.

Post workout, I had a "Lean Shake" from GNC, 1 cup of chili and 2 scoops of Amino Energy.


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