Going Out On A Limb

After a off day yesterday, today was a solid day to hit another two-a-day.  Today was "Limb Day."

AM - Legs

PM - Arms

One hour before the AM workout I had an egg omelet with a cut up brat and a handful of strawberries.  

Leg Circuit -- 8x through

A1 - Squats (emphasis on speed strength or "power") - 12 reps

A2 - Banded RDL - 20 reps

A3 - Single Leg Leg Extension - 10 reps

A4 - Single Leg Leg Curl - 12 reps

60 second rest

Recovery and Fuel

Immediately after, I had a banana and a "Lean Shake" from GNC.  About an hour later, I can a heaping cup of chili.  

To fuel for the Arm workout, I had my peanut butter/trail mix blend and a granola bar.


Barbell Curls - 4 sets of 12 reps - Multiple grips

Triceps Pushdowns - 5 sets of 20, 17, 15, 12, 12 (trying to find the right weight)


Why did I do 20 reps on the first set of Triceps Pushdowns instead of stopping at my desired 12 rep goal?  The thought behind this is that the weight was entirely too light.  To not have a "pointless" set, I held proper form and went through the "burning" sensation and stopped when I felt like I could only do 1 more set.  I did this after adding more weight the next set and the next until I found the proper weight for my final 12 rep sets.

In building muscle mass (hypertrophy), the topic of muscle recruitment should be discussed.  This happens towards the end of a submaximal set.  The burning sensation, although not directly associated with muscle recruitment, is a good indicator of the amount of muscle that needed to be recruited to finish the set.  

The Size Principle

The Size Principle

The size principle represents the relationship between motor unit twitch force and recruitment threshold.  Motor units are recruited in an ascending order from their recruitment thresholds and firing rates.  

As demands of force expression increases (the end of a submaximal set) motor units are recruited from low to high threshold motor units.  Thus, with heavy resistance training, all fibers get larger!