Matt L.

I've known Shane for multiple years and he's one of the most hard-working people I know. He always puts over 100% effort into the work he does. I've also never met someone who's more determined and focused than Shane. I highly recommend Shane as a person you would love to work with!

Jeannie L.

I have been working with Shane for a little over 4 months now, as a personal training client. Shane is a phenomenal mentor, and treats all of his clients with respect and kindness. He is very knowledgeable about the body and its functions and limitations. I would recommend Shane to anyone who is looking to fulfill health/wellness goals in a positive environment.

Gaby D.

Let me start with this: Shane is amazing. I have always considered myself a pretty active person, but he really helped me focus my goals and get to a place where I wanted to be with my fitness. I have seen so much progress in these five short months. Shane keeps me accountable and always provides a support system through my sleep, nutrition, and fitness questions. He even provided weekend workouts for Webster students and groups such as Delta Phi Epsilon sorority. Shane is hard working, dedicated, and so much fun to train with. I highly recommend him.

Katie K.

Shane is creative, diligent, and committed to health and wellness. He worked in the University Center at Webster University as the Program Student Supervisor in the Fitness Center. In this role, he educated patrons, planned events, and trained staff. He was always punctual, prepared, and thoughtful. He is eager to help others and inspire them to meet their health goals.

Addison B.

Working out with Shane has been a blast! He makes working out very personable and caters each work out to exactly what you are looking to do. I used to hate working out, but now working with Shane I get excited to go to the gym and work hard. I would recommend Shane to anyone!

Taylor D.

Shane has designed a program that both fits into my lifestyle and is catered to my personal fitness and health goals. In 4 short weeks I have lost 6 lbs and several inches off my body. I recommend this program to anyone who has ever had trouble staying with a program because of lack of flexibility or lack of accountability. Shane’s program absolutely provides this! If it can work for me, it can work for you!